OSG Materials Consultants LLC is an established Houston based company active in providing specialist materials consultancy services to a wide range of industries.

OSG consultants have over 20 years' experience in providing materials, welding, coatings, corrosion and non-destructive evaluation services.

OSG is focused on advancing materials, corrosion, welding and inspection technologies to accommodate the harsher service conditions including; deepwater field developments, artic conditions, high pressure, high temperature, H2S and CO2 containing environments and fatigue loading related to offshore structures, pipelines and steel catenary risers.

OSG Materials Consultants is able to optimize on the materials selection taking into account investment and operational maintenance costs, such that overall costs are minimized while providing acceptable safety and reliability.

OSG also offers combined technical & quality audits by a team of world class experts, to verify manufacturer's capabilitites.

OSG has an extensive network of well qualified and experienced welding, coating and NDE inspectors for onshore and offshore related activities.
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